Community Health Care Plan Essay Example


The term health can be termed in various definitions according to an individual’s understanding. Health is simply the well-being of an individual, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and physical state. Several factors and relations affect health either negatively or positively. Communities, health professionals, families, and others play an essential part in determining an individual’s well-being.

The role of community

 Public health harbor must reach the community and observe their way of living to ensure that the disturbed family is in a good state. After visiting such communities, the public health nurse can decide what to do to improve the facilities needed. Public health nursing should partner with non-governmental organizations and other government authorities. The resources needed will be made available and easy for the families to access efficiently, and this will be very beneficial to the significant families.

Influence of Social Determinants of Health

In this case, social and cultural activities may affect a healthy way of living.  The family’s status in terms of financial stability affects their health at a high percentage. It simply means that whatever the money at hand can fund is used on family expenditures and food budgets. It is therefore not easy to take a balanced diet, for that matter. Culture may also affect some families’ lack of spiritual guidance in their hard times, which affects them emotionally, psychologically, and at times result in physical damage (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2019). It happens when parents misunderstand each other and are unable to solve their disputes, thus passing them on to their children, and at times, domestic violence occurs.

Comparison of Epidemiological Data

The public health nursing community should study the lowly families and learn about their health services and the resources required. The public health nurse should conduct census data and interview some community residents and the resident health sectors. Therefore, after the survey, the public health nurse should present certified and decent data having gathered precise information. Such action helps them to understand the community’s health status well.

Community nursing diagnosis.

Community nursing diagnosis may include an increase in the levels of poverty within the community. In most cases, individuals within the community operate in jobs associated with low wages and salaries. Numerous complications occur when children are suffering from mental health issues. Families are unable to address these complications due the high cost of living within the community (Kiper & Geist, 2020). Therefore, it is essential for public health nursing to consider poverty cases. Healthcare systems should consider helping individual with lower incomes overcome mental health challenges.

Nursing Interventions

This includes a statement written by the nurse concerning an individual, community, or family. The nurse may have discovered issues with depression, misunderstanding, and other issues that may affect the community at large. The nurse must listen to the affected individuals and their points of view and be mindful of their emotions. Moreover, the nurse should help patients realize who they are and encourage them, thus developing positive and effective self-awareness (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2019). The nurse should also be sensitive about their feelings so that they may not feel degraded and useless.

Healthy people 2030 Leading Health Indicator 

As stated by parents, these children undergo serious health issues such as hypertension and obesity.  Leading health Indicator is concerned with the well-being of these children and how they can avoid substance abuse which makes it difficult for them to recover their mental problems (Centers for Disease Control, 2020). The leading health indicator provides guidance and care to children with mental health issues by educating them on risks associated with substance abuse. The health indicator creates awareness to the family members on how mentally-ill children should be treated and the foods required to eat.

Partnerships for Health

At this kind of partnership, lineups assist not only the armed member but also their family such as Family Life Counseling Program. It is linked between health specialists and clients of mental health services. The family may be affected by a mental health humiliation from the various philosophies. Such humiliations affect even the family members, and they solve the matters on their own (Kiper & Geist, 2020). It is wise for such matters to be solved by a specialist for positive results. There are programs such as the Behavioral Health Optimization program that offer mental health as well.

Nursing plan for Community Change

The nursing plan for change contains four major elements. Firstly, the plan should include specific goals which involve regular medical visits and attention for the family members. Additionally, the nursing plan includes medical help for anger management within the family. Another key element is a planned action, whereby the nurse should help in seeking the appropriate insurance provider. Moreover, the plan has to include needed sources such as physicians and medical staff who can deliver medical care to the family. The timeframe is the last element within the nursing plan. For instance, the parents should seek medical attention after every two weeks. Additionally, the children should attend the clinics after three weeks. Nurses should assess them and ensure they follow the prescribed medical instructions.


Communities, health professionals, families, and others play an essential part in determining an individual’s well-being. The public health nurse should conduct census data and interview some of the community residents as well as the resident health sectors. The leading health indicator is concerned with the children’s mental health problems. The Nursing plan involves goals, planned action, required resources, and the time frame.


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