DNPC 610 Philosophy of Reflective Practice

DNPC 610, Philosophy of Reflective Practice, is a course designed for Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNPC) students. This class lets you look into the deep ideas behind advanced nursing and how we learn from our experiences. We’ll talk about big concepts like why we practice the way we do and how we know what we know. We’ll also check out different ways of studying nursing and how they connect to what we do every day. Just a heads up, you’ll need at least a B- to pass.

Here are some key areas the course likely covers:

  • Foundational Concepts: Exploring the philosophical underpinnings of reflection in nursing practice, including branches of philosophy like ontology (the nature of reality) and epistemology (how we come to know things).
  • Reflective Practice Models: Examining different frameworks and approaches to reflection used in nursing inquiry.
  • Developing Reflective Skills: Equipping students with the tools and techniques to analyze their nursing practice experiences critically.
  • Inquiry and Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding the connection between reflection, asking questions about your practice, and using research to inform your nursing decisions.
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