Impact of COVID-19 On Health Care Providers Essay Example

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 has brought changes and impact a lot of complex decision-making in many sectors of society. The pandemic has changed leadership in the health care department and how the organization handles itself during this period. Decisions have been made based on how it will impact the community to deal with the pandemic (Vukkadala et al., 2020). In the health care sector, nurses and doctors have also been forced to make decisions based on the availability of resources rather than evidence.

Nurses have taken the lead during this pandemic since they have been at the forefront to ensure that they provide health care services to their patients. This has branded them as great leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they have made decisions based only on the availability of resources they have rather than deciding on the evidence they have (Chandy et al., 2020). The objective of the available evidence-based was to make sure that decisions made and their interventions bring out the best results and improved outcomes in patients. Nurses are to lead them by evaluating and assessing the evidence and therefore applying it where it is required.

Nurses have faced significant challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic since this virus outbreak has been a global threat. The speed at which the virus is spreading has created a substantial threat to the traditional knowledge translation models and practice change (Nichola et al., 2020). Therefore, it is the responsibility of health care providers to adopt new methods and criteria based on their clinical judgment to test and treat this virus. For example, the treatments for COVID-19 that have been approved are minimal, and there is clear evidence that many COVID-19 patients will die because of this. Therefore, the nature of this virus has to force the health care providers to make critical decisions that are time-critical and information light.



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