Risk Management in Healthcare Organizations Essay Example

In healthcare, risk management refers to clinical and administrative processes applied to identify, control, scrutinize, minimize and prevent risks. The main essence of risk management is to safeguard patients’ safety and hospital’s assets. One of common of the common risks is breach of patient information privacy which is against HIPAA requirements and may result to financial liabilities for the hospital. The risk management program of Vibra Healthcare Organization has greatly advanced in addressing social media and breach of patients’ information privacy.

Vibra Healthcare Organization has been proactive and systematic in risk management, especially on social media risks. The organization has pages and accounts on different social media platforms that are consistently evaluated and regulated. These platforms enable the organization to get customer feedback from patients. Any complaints are acted upon with immediate effect. For instance, patients have been using the pages to report arrogant nurses, and the organization has been able to enhance the quality of care delivered. All employees are also restricted from posting pictures while on hospital premises. (Lambert et al., 2019) The organization also runs security protocols in their information programs frequently to assess cases of breaches or cyber-attacks. Patients’ information is therefore protected from security threats.

The organization could also incorporate other strategies to manage social media and patients’ information privacy effectively. Firstly, training programs could be frequently carried out to train employees and remind them on ways and importance of protecting patients’ medical records. Secondly, the organization could install more technologically advanced soft wares whose firewalls are hard to breach, hence more security for patients’ electronic medical records. (Coronado et al., 2018) Lastly, the organization could create portals for patients whereby patients can give more detailed feedback with more privacy to avoid tainting public image. 


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